Whiny Magee (J) is the oldest.  He has a great sense of humor and is actually pretty good at telling jokes (which I find most kids are not).  He slightly craves attention and will sometimes tell, what was once a funny joke, repeatedly until he gets a response.  He is also very,very smart but he also needs lots of encouragement to even try new things he's not good at.  He is very sensitive.

Master of Disaster (A) is now the middle child.  He is super funny but doesn't even know it; which is why he's so funny and why J feels the need to be overly funny. Master likes to think he knows everything and he has an answer for everything!  He likes to control the situation and there have been many power struggles because I *refuse* to lose a battle of the wills against a 4 year old. 

BabyGirl is the youngest & only girl.  She really isn't a baby anymore.  She is a sweet and smiley but man does she have a temper.  She has started to throw fits when she can't have what she wants and they seem to last forever.  To the point that I think she has probably forgotten why she was angry and she is just crying/screaming for the sake of crying/screaming.  Gotta love the terrible 2s!

Master of Disaster, BabyGirl & Whiny Magee - May 2011

BabyGirl, Whiny Magee & Master of Disaster- March 2012