Wednesday, August 29, 2012

what are you tryin' to say??

Because I'm lazy and my job requires very little as far as dress code goes, I often let me hair dry and bring my products with me.  So today I was getting ready to head to the clinic and I was doing my hair and make-up while the boys were eating lunch. I had just finished my hair and was putting away my stuff.

Master of Disaster:  What's that blue thing in your hand?


Me:  It's my hair stuff

MofD: What's it do?

Me:  It makes my hair look pretty

MofD:  You're gonna put some in your hair now?

Me:  I already did

MofD:  No you didn't!

Gee, thanks!  Of course Whiny jumped in with he thought my hair looked pretty before AND after. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

summer camp rules!

The other day in my car, I was jamming out to Call Me, Maybe (as I'm known to do)

MofD:  Hey, this is just like that song I learned at camp

Me:  Oh yeah??  What was it?

Now I was really expecting some song that is no where near Call Me, Maybe.  Nothing against Master and his four year old randomness, but it is what it is.

MofD:  Hey, I just got here.  And camp is crazy.  But I'm having fun, so call Oneida (that's group at his camp).  And all the other kids, want to be us!  Cuz we're havin' fun, so call Oneida

How stinkin' cute is that??!!  Major kudos to the counselor who made that up

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Scooby is that you??

The kids and I went to the park today.  We played for a bit and the boys really like to walk along the canal.  So we walked for a bit.  Actually the boys ran.  I would give them a point that they could run to and they they had to wait for me to catch up with the stroller.  Master kept calling it a "half marathon" whenever he took off. 

 Well just as we get near the park again, I see the biggest dog I have ever seen in person.  I am not much of a dog person, so I had no idea what kind of dog it was.  So I did the normal thing and asked her what kind of dog it was.  Turns out it was a Great Dane and it also turns out that I have never, in my life, seen a Great Dane in person.  I then ask her if she would mind if I take a picture of him.  Not really sure if that is good dog etiquette, but that's water under the canal bridge now.  She was super nice and asked if I wanted the boys in the picture too, and they were eager to jump in.  

When he was standing, his head came to just below her shoulders!  Yikes!! 

Monday, August 6, 2012


The other day we couldn't find Master's water bottle from camp.  I know he brought it home because he was drinking it in the car, but Mom and Dad Boss couldn't find it.  So Master and I went to look in my car in case he left there overnight.

Master:  You look on that side and I'll look on this side (I found this funny because he wanted me to look on the side of the car that BabyGirl sits on, so it wouldn't have been there.  But whatever)

Me:  Not here

MofD:  Not here either

Me:  Look under the front seat.  Maybe it rolled under while I was driving.

MofD:  It's hard to look under there

Me:  Stick you hand under and see if you can feel it

MofD:  All I see is your cup holder under there

Me:  Cup holder?  Sweety there's not cup holder under my seat

MofD:  Yeah, it's mushy

Once he said mushy I got worried.  What is under my front seat that is "mushy?"  It couldn't be anything too gross because my car does not smell.  But still, when a 4 year old tells you there is something mushy under your seat, you get nervous.

MofD struggling to pull something out: Here it is!

What he pulled out was a can coolie (or coozie, whatever you call it) that I had actually been looking for for awhile.