Tuesday, January 31, 2012

what do we eat?

Me:  Do you guys know what holiday is coming up?

MofD:  nope

Me:  Valentine's Day

Whiny Magee:  I was just gonna say that

MofD:  Oh I like Valentine's Day.  That's the day we get to eat turkey!

Me:  That's Thanksgiving

MofD:  What do we get to eat on Valentine's Day?

Oh really?

Like I said last week, someone has been sick on and off for the past month.  It's mainly been Whiny but Master of Disaster has been sick too.  There has been a lot of temperature taking, so the boys associate fever with sickness.  I tried to make being sick and having to stay home not fun so they (by they I mean MofD) don't pretend to be sick and not go to school.

MofD has been saying he "doesn't feel good" whenever he doesn't want to do something.  Time to pick up?  He doesn't feel so good.  We're finishing up lunch?  His belly hurts.  I could go on for awhile but I won't bore you.

Yesterday he didn't want to eat his lunch

MofD:  I'm getting sick; take my temperature

Me:  You're not sick eat your lunch

MofD:  But I'm getting sooooo hot

Me:  Then let's take off your sweatshirt.

This morning we were picking up before I have to take him to school and he sneezed twice.

MofD:  I think I'm sick

Me:  No, you just had to sneeze

MofD:  I think I may have pink eye

Me:  Pink eye?  What's that?

MofD:  When your eye is pink and one is bigger than the other

I guest blogged for Elle Sees today, so stop over and take a look.  Her blog is pretty awesome; it's full of useful. practical beauty and fashion tips.

Monday, January 30, 2012

close enough

I was working with Master of Disaster on recognizing his letters.  He kept referring to them as lower case and higher case.  So close buddy, so close!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

aw shucks

So maybe you've noticed that A) the boys stopped being funny, B) I don't have time to write about it, C) I've abandoned you for someone younger and prettier or D) Pinterest exists.  Well the truth is that the kids have been off and on sick for the past month and BabyGirl is getting some molars on top of it.  So there really hasn't been anything super exciting/funny going on here and I've been sucked in to Pinterest in an amazingly awful way. I'm going to attempt to Tweet Master of Disaster's one-liners more often, so feel free to follow me on Twitter @RandomlyBossy.

Whiny Magee told me this

WM:  Knock, knock

Me:  Who's there?

WM:  Spell

Me:  Spell who??

WM:  All right, W-H-O

Monday, January 23, 2012

quite a non sequitar

Master of Disaster:  Jess, there are no pirates in my class.

Me:  What?

MofD: There are no pirates in my class.

Me:  Should there be?

MofD: nope

Me:  Do you want there to be?

MofD:  no

We were both silently enjoying our breakfast/coffee when he piped up with this.  I wonder what is going on in his little brain sometimes.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Does that sound easy

Master of Disaster:  Jess, can you make a fire?

Me:  Do I ever make fires here?

MofD:  No

Me:  Well. I don't think I'm going to start today.  And I don't even really know how to start a fire

MofD:  First you put some wood in.  It needs to be really really big and it goes across.  Then you put some crushed up paper in.  And you put sparks in it.  And it sparks.  And then you put something in the corners.  And then you have to close that cabinets.  Does that sound easy?

Me:  Not really

MofD:  It sounds easy to me.

MofD wanted some hot chocolate, so we made some.  He likes creamer in his cocoa.  I always do half creamer/milk and half cocoa; that way it's not too hot.  He asked me if I was going to put creamer in my coffee and I said that I don't like creamer in it.  He then told me that his parent's do. But "Mommy is trying to lose weight so she only likes a little" but that "daddy likes a lot.  Maybe he is trying to get more weight"

Friday, January 13, 2012

Just like in Dad's show

I was telling the boys that when I go back to school my friend was going to be coming over to play with them.  She has two daughters and we have gotten together for play dates a bunch of times.  So I wanted to prep them for her.  But I also wanted to make sure that they didn't call her Evie and Mia's Mommy.

Me:  Do you know what Evie and Mia's mommy's name is?

Both boys:  no

Me:  It's Danielle

Whiny:  Oh!  That's just like on the show Daddy watches

Me:  What show is that?

Whiny:  American Pickers

Me:  Burst out laughing What's that show about?  Now I've seen it, I just like to hear what the boys think of things sometimes.  Try it, it's great!

Whiny:  It's about guys who get rusty stuff

Me:  Rusty stuff?  What do they do with it?

Whiny:  Try to give it to people

Friday, January 6, 2012

The funniest thing ever

So Master of Disaster was being mean to BabyGirl the other day and I put him in timeout because of it.  When he came out I asked him why he was there and he told me what he did.  I told him that I was going to have to tell Mommy & Daddy what he was doing and they were going to be mad.  Then, he did the funniest thing ever:  he put his hand up to his face, by his eyes, with two fingers pointing out straight at me.

Me:  What does that mean?

MofD:  in a menacing whisper I got my eye on you


I had to turn away before I burst out laughing.  He did it again today to both me and his father.  It's gonna get out real quick but it was too funny the first time

Thursday, January 5, 2012

time warp

Introducing the kids to He-man.  Master of Diaster wanted to know why his hair was so long.  This should be interesting.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

liar liar

So lately Master of Disaster has decided that he does not like cheese.  This is the same child who would eat grilled cheese every day if I let him.  Then all of a sudden he doesn't like cheese.  Whatever, no biggie.  So he stopped eating grilled cheese; no cheese on his pasta, no cheese on his turkey sandwiches; no cheese sticks.  He will, however, eat mac & cheese and cheese pizza.  He actually loves them.  Whiny Magee loves cheese so I still put cheese on or in his lunch. Yesterday we had turkey sandwiches for lunch: WM with cheese, MofD without

MofD:  Hey!  I don't like cheese!

Me:  I didn't give you any cheese

MofD:  What's that stuff??

Me:  That's WM's lunch

MofD:  Where's mine!?

Me:  umm probably on the other plate at the table

MofD:  oh ok....Jess isn't it weird that Whiny likes cheese and I don't?

Me:  not really.  But I think you are being stubborn.  I think you like cheese

MofD:  No I don't

Me:  You like mac & cheese

MofD:  nope, not anymore

Me: Cheese pizza?

MofD:  not anymore

Me:  Ok so the next time we have pizza just me and Whiny will eat it.

MofD:  Where's the pizza?

Me:  We don't have any today but some day we will

I told his dad about that conversation this morning and he laughed because they had pizza for dinner and MofD ate all his.