Wednesday, January 4, 2012

liar liar

So lately Master of Disaster has decided that he does not like cheese.  This is the same child who would eat grilled cheese every day if I let him.  Then all of a sudden he doesn't like cheese.  Whatever, no biggie.  So he stopped eating grilled cheese; no cheese on his pasta, no cheese on his turkey sandwiches; no cheese sticks.  He will, however, eat mac & cheese and cheese pizza.  He actually loves them.  Whiny Magee loves cheese so I still put cheese on or in his lunch. Yesterday we had turkey sandwiches for lunch: WM with cheese, MofD without

MofD:  Hey!  I don't like cheese!

Me:  I didn't give you any cheese

MofD:  What's that stuff??

Me:  That's WM's lunch

MofD:  Where's mine!?

Me:  umm probably on the other plate at the table

MofD:  oh ok....Jess isn't it weird that Whiny likes cheese and I don't?

Me:  not really.  But I think you are being stubborn.  I think you like cheese

MofD:  No I don't

Me:  You like mac & cheese

MofD:  nope, not anymore

Me: Cheese pizza?

MofD:  not anymore

Me:  Ok so the next time we have pizza just me and Whiny will eat it.

MofD:  Where's the pizza?

Me:  We don't have any today but some day we will

I told his dad about that conversation this morning and he laughed because they had pizza for dinner and MofD ate all his.

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Michelle said...

Tell him to eat that sh*t up before he develops lactose intolerance at age 26.