Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh really?

Like I said last week, someone has been sick on and off for the past month.  It's mainly been Whiny but Master of Disaster has been sick too.  There has been a lot of temperature taking, so the boys associate fever with sickness.  I tried to make being sick and having to stay home not fun so they (by they I mean MofD) don't pretend to be sick and not go to school.

MofD has been saying he "doesn't feel good" whenever he doesn't want to do something.  Time to pick up?  He doesn't feel so good.  We're finishing up lunch?  His belly hurts.  I could go on for awhile but I won't bore you.

Yesterday he didn't want to eat his lunch

MofD:  I'm getting sick; take my temperature

Me:  You're not sick eat your lunch

MofD:  But I'm getting sooooo hot

Me:  Then let's take off your sweatshirt.

This morning we were picking up before I have to take him to school and he sneezed twice.

MofD:  I think I'm sick

Me:  No, you just had to sneeze

MofD:  I think I may have pink eye

Me:  Pink eye?  What's that?

MofD:  When your eye is pink and one is bigger than the other

I guest blogged for Elle Sees today, so stop over and take a look.  Her blog is pretty awesome; it's full of useful. practical beauty and fashion tips.


Elle Sees said...

Thanks for blogging for me! I owe you big!

Jess said...

You owe me absolutely nothing. It was my pleasure.