Friday, January 13, 2012

Just like in Dad's show

I was telling the boys that when I go back to school my friend was going to be coming over to play with them.  She has two daughters and we have gotten together for play dates a bunch of times.  So I wanted to prep them for her.  But I also wanted to make sure that they didn't call her Evie and Mia's Mommy.

Me:  Do you know what Evie and Mia's mommy's name is?

Both boys:  no

Me:  It's Danielle

Whiny:  Oh!  That's just like on the show Daddy watches

Me:  What show is that?

Whiny:  American Pickers

Me:  Burst out laughing What's that show about?  Now I've seen it, I just like to hear what the boys think of things sometimes.  Try it, it's great!

Whiny:  It's about guys who get rusty stuff

Me:  Rusty stuff?  What do they do with it?

Whiny:  Try to give it to people


Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

OMG...that is so awesome (and exactly the way I see the show, myself).


Michelle said...

I agree - I think anyone would describe it like that!

Once Paige was trying think of the word 'glitter' and couldn't do it. Finally she said 'party sparkles'. I actually prefer that to glitter. Their little brains are so literal.