Thursday, January 26, 2012

aw shucks

So maybe you've noticed that A) the boys stopped being funny, B) I don't have time to write about it, C) I've abandoned you for someone younger and prettier or D) Pinterest exists.  Well the truth is that the kids have been off and on sick for the past month and BabyGirl is getting some molars on top of it.  So there really hasn't been anything super exciting/funny going on here and I've been sucked in to Pinterest in an amazingly awful way. I'm going to attempt to Tweet Master of Disaster's one-liners more often, so feel free to follow me on Twitter @RandomlyBossy.

Whiny Magee told me this

WM:  Knock, knock

Me:  Who's there?

WM:  Spell

Me:  Spell who??

WM:  All right, W-H-O

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Michelle said...

I'm stealing that!