Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Me:  Master, I'm making a grilled cheese for your brother, do you want a turkey sandwich?

Master: No I want macaroni with no cheese

Me:  I'm not making mac and cheese, I'm making a grilled cheese sandwich.  Do you want a grilled cheese sandwich?

Master: No

Me:  Do you want a turkey sandwich?

Master:  Yeah.  Or I could have a peanut butter sandwich.

Me:  Ok, what do you want to eat

Master in a really exasperated voice:  TUR-KEY!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm getting bigger

Master of Disaster:  Look Jess he's holding up his arm for me to see

Me:  What am I looking at?

MofD:  I'm getting hair now.  I'm already four

Me:  You've got hair on your arm now?  Now that you're four?

MofD:  Yeah, look, see

He then showed the greeter at his school how he has hair on his arm now that he is four.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's all about the birthdays!

Yesterday was Whiny's birthday!  

Happy 6th Birthday Whiny!

My birthday was last week and I'm a member of the Love & Envelops Birthday Club.  This is such a fun club if you, like me, liking buying cards and also like getting mail.  I'm still pretty new to it but I've enjoyed buying cards for all these fun blogging ladies. 

From left to right:
Kortney from Kortney's Krazy Life:: It's blue *and* glittery!

Melayne from Wearing Pearls in Kindergarten::  This was the first one I got and when I went to my mailbox that day I honestly said out loud, "Who the H*ll do I know in Texas?"  I totally forgot that I would be getting some cards from strangers.  

April, the founder of Love & Envelops, from Marine Parents::  funny story about this card, this was almost the same card I got her but I let Master of Disaster pick and he picked a different one.  

Kristy from A Little Something::  This one is super glittery too! 

Lauren from The Elephant's Trunk:: She.  Made.  This.  Card.  My mind is blown!

Thank you some much ladies for making my birthday special.  And thanks April for making this amazing club!

Ok, so last weekend was my blogiversary! 

Happy 1st Birthday Jessica, why are you so bossy?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I just can't decide

I'm not sure what has been my favorite part of today:

Maybe it was the when, before 8:30, Whiny was being mean to Master, so Master pinched him.  We (me & Mom Boss) talked to Master about how when Whiny is being mean come tell us.  If he pinches then he gets in trouble too

Or maybe it was literally 2 minutes later when Master kicked Whiny because Whiny was trying to pop his balloon.

Or maybe it was when BabyGirl insisted on being held all morning and had a fit when I set her down to register of classes or clean

Or maybe it was when she followed me around to make sure I knew she was mad at me

Or perhaps it was when Whiny accidentally spilled his milk but just sat there and watched all the milk pour out of the glass instead of picking it up.

It's too close to call

It's going to be a L-O-N-G Spring Break for us.

Monday, April 9, 2012

you don't work

The boys love my friend Danielle that comes when I go to school.  This week is Spring Break for the kids and they asked if Danielle was still going to come.  I told them that she was because I still have school even if they don't.  I let them know that I had a break when they were in FL, so I had no work AND no school.

Master of Disaster:  You don't have work.

Me:  I don't?

MofD:  Nope

Me:  You don't think I go to work?

MofD:  No, school is your work

Then I hear Whiny whisper  "Coming here is her work"

Both the boys and I were sick all weekend, so today we are watching Rango.  I will link to a review when we finish and I actually review it.   For your reading pleasure

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I hope not!

On the way to karate we heard a commercial for a museum exhibit that ends on April 15. April 15 just happens to be the day of Whiny's birthday party

Whiny Magee:  April 15!!!  I hope nobody that I invited to my party is going to that!


For Master's birthday, they went to Build-a-Bear and he made a Papa Smurf Build-a-Bear.  Which he will very quickly tell you is a Build-a-Smurf.  Before nap he was showing it to me and he told me:

MofD:  If you press his stomach you can hear his heart "beeping" and if you push his arm he giggles.

Me:  What?

MofD: His heart "beeps" and he giggles.

Monday, April 2, 2012

UPDATED: meanwhile, back at the ranch

So the kids were at my place again this afternoon.  While it was not as funny as last time, they did have some interesting things to say.

Master if Disaster:  Last time you had pumpkin soap!  Where'd it go?

Me:  Well I used it all so I got new soap.

MofD:  I wanna take a nap

Me:  Well I didn't plan on taking naps today; my room is really messy

MofD:  Can you clean your room for me?

MofD:  Why don't you have a family room?

Whiny:  Well this is room is her family room and her living room

Me:  And it's only me here, I don't need a family room

And just so you know, their family room is just what they call their living room, it's not two separate rooms

Twenty minutes later

MofD:  Why don't you have play room?

The reason we went to my house was so my car could go in the garage for the afternoon.  We dropped it off, went out to lunch and then walked to my house. I've walked from the garage to my house before.  It's not super close, but it is definitely in walking distance.  Well I failed to think about how a 4 and 6 year old would be while walking that far.  The place we went to eat was literally a block away from the garage.

Whiny:  Man this sure is a far walk to lunch!

It ended up taking us 45-60 min to get to my house due to the speediness of Master and Whiny.  At one point, Master suggested I take BabyGirl out of the stroller and carry her so he could ride in the stroller.  Nice try kid!