Friday, October 7, 2011

It's huge!

**Whiny Magee:  I've never been to your house before

Me:  I know.  But it's an apartment not a house, so it's small than yours.  What rooms do you think I have in my apartment?

WM: I don't know

Me:  Well what rooms would I *need* to have

WM:  A family room

Me:  not so much

WM:  a bedroom?

Me:  Yep

WM:  how many do you have?

Me:  well it's just me so I only need one bedroom

**As we walk in front of my building to get to my door which is on the side of my building.

Whiny Magee:  Your house is H-U-G-E!

Me:  Well this is not all mine.  There are a lot of people's apartments in there

Master of Disaster:  But it still pretty big

**I have a Bath and Body Works Halloween themed foaming soap in my bathroom.  It was a picture of a jack o lantern on it.

Master of Disaster:  Oh I like your pumpkin soap.  I think it's really cool!!

**I clearly only have one bed since I only have one bedroom.  So the boys needed to share it for nap time.

Master of Disaster:  Jess, someday can you buy us little beds for your house?

Me:  You want me to get you beds to sleep in for my house?

MofD:  yeah

Me:  Well...I'll tell ya what.  If for some reason you ever have to live with me then I will get you beds.  But you would never have to live with me.

Whiny Magee:  Yeah that would be silly

MofD:  But I want you to buy me little bed.

I found that whole conversation extra funny because both boys have full size beds.  So don't even have "little beds" at their house.  And then I felt as though I needed to explained to their parents that I *did not* tell the boys they were going to live with me.  Just in case.

**The boys are both in my bathroom.  Whiny Magee is on the potty and Master of Disaster is waiting.  MofD comes out into the kitchen

MofD:  Jess, you have a bath tub and shower behind that thing in the bathroom!!!!!!!

Me:  Behind my shower curtain??!!

MofD:  Yeah!  Isn't that cool?

Me:  That I have a bath tub in my *bathroom*?

MofD:  Yeah!  Come see!!

We go into the bathroom where he proudly throws back my shower curtain to shower to show me my bath tub.

** I really like place mats.  I have them for all the holidays and seasons.  So clearly I have some Halloween ones out right now.  I have two sets: one has spiderwebs and one has some bats.

Master of Disaster:  These are cool place mats.  Can you bring them to my house?


MofD:  But they are cool.

Me:  But they're mine.  So they need to stay at my house.  You have cool Toy Story and Spiderman place mats at your house.

MofD:  But we don't have place mats with bats on them at my house.

Me:  We'll use them tomorrow too, promise.


Autumn Van Weir said...

My favorite is naturaly the excitement over the tub...these kids are just too much

Michelle said...

Can you buy me a little bed for when I sleep over? Speaking of which, I need to see this apartment! And I need your address.