Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I saw it on The News

Master of Disaster:  Jess, are coyotes real?

Me:  yeah, but they don't live around here so we don't need to worry (slightly a lie,but they live too close to the city for coyotes to be here)

Master of Disaster:  they live in warm places.  Like near volcanoes.

Me:  Ummmmm......

Mof D:  What do they do with the dogs they kill?

Me:  What??

MofD:  When they kill the dogs what do they do with them?

Me:  Where did you hear that?

MofD:  On the news they said that someone's dog was killed by coyotes.

Me:  Oh.  Well coyotes gotta eat right?  What do you think they eat?

MofD:  They eat the dogs?  The whole body?

Me:  Sometimes

MofD:  Then they throw it into the volcano?

Me:  Coyotes don't live near volcanoes.

MofD:  Yes they do.  I saw it on The News.  They said that.

Sometimes it's not worth arguing over


Michelle said...

I think I heard Brian Williams say the same thing. This kid is smart.

Autumn Van Weir said...

Tell him it's not true. I have coyotes in the woods behind my complex in CT and I can't see the nearest volcano from my deck.

Jess said...

Autumn have you ever told a 3 year old they're wrong?? Let me know how that works out far ya

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Oh gosh...lol. I admire you patience more and more every day:)