Wednesday, October 19, 2011

shower & some pigs

So this morning I woke up to no hot water in my apartment.  Have no fear, awesome reader, I work someplace that has not one, but three showers for showering needs.  So I packed up a bag and went to work looking like a trucker:  baseball hat, big ass old hoodie.  The dad boss says "Oh look at you all bundled up."  Was that his way of saying I look like junk?

So after Whiny Magee goes to school and BabyGirl goes down for a nap, Master of Disaster and I go upstairs.  I turn on the TV in the parent's room for MofD to watch while I jump in the shower.  

Me:  Master of Disaster, you know how when Mommy takes a shower you sometimes go in and talk to her?

MofD:  Yeah

Me:  Well when I'm in the shower do you think you should come in?

MofD:  No

Me:  Why not?

MofD: Thinking for a second You don't want me to see your girl parts

Me: good (I was actually quite impressed he figured it out on his own)

MofD:  What if I have to go potty?

Me:  Well where else could you go if that happened?

MofD:  In my room.  (the boys' rooms are connected by bathroom Brady Bunch style)

**Now MofD is drawing on a Magnadoodle and says

MofD:  look I'm drawing pigs

Me:  Pigs?

MofD:  Yeah from Angry Birds

I kinda see it know that I know



Michelle said...

Those do actually look like Angry Birds Pigs! Maybe he can beat the board I'm stuck on.

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Autumn Van Weir said...

What? Pigs on angry birds? i can't get hooked on another game.

I love that story. Epsecially the thoughtfulness he gave before answering. I should tell my husband the story as a "hint hint" to stay out of the bathroom always.

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I do love that you have included a visual here. I am also taking notes on discussions I need to have, if I ever have kids. You are good.