Monday, October 24, 2011

want a hint?

For some reason we were talking about farm animals

Whiny Magee:  my favorite farm animal says "moo"

Me:  oh so your favorite animal is a horse?

Whiny Magee:  No!!

Me:  Are you sure?  Cuz a horse totally says "moo"

Whiny Magee:  no it doesn't

Master of Disaster comes walking over

MofD:  Want me to give you a hint?

Me:  Sure  I was expecting him to say "it's a cow" since he's three and can't really give hints

MofD:  It's spotted and it gives milk

Me:   a goat??

MofD:  no, it gives milk now he's doing the pantomime of someone milking a cow

1 comment:

Autumn Van Weir said...

HAHAHAHA I love saying the wrong things to kids and then they laugh and think you're insane.