Thursday, October 13, 2011

Where in the world is the Bisquick?

Not sure if I've mentioned that they are doing some remodeling at work.  But they are doing some remodeling at work.  And by remodeling I mean: knocking down a wall between the kitchen and living room, repainting the kitchen cabinets, getting a new stove, oven, and fridge, putting down new hardwood floors, and putting in new sliding glass doors.  So everything that was in the living room and kitchen cabinets needed to be moved into the dining room and playroom.  So take a moment and envision the Hell that that all was.   Also picture no stove or oven for about a week and a half and the fridge was in the garage.  So everything is just about done and the place looks A-MAZE-ING!  Their new fridge is the biggest thing I have ever seen.  I am jealous because I know I will never have such a nice kitchen.  Poor Jess!

Anyhoo...they are slowly moving things back into the kitchen, but because there are new cabinets or missing cabinets, everything has a new home.  And I can't find anything.  Side note:  My parents redid their kitchen about 5 years ago and they also moved things around.  I still, to this day five years later, open up what use to be the silver ware draw only to find measuring cups and baking stuff.  My dad will say "there's no silverware in there." To which I reply "well for 25 years there was"  That'll teach him! So Master of Disaster and I were going to make pancakes.  The boys eat them everyday for breakfast so I make like a triple batch and put them in the fridge.  It's actually in my contract as one of my responsibilities as a nanny.  So we're trying to make pancakes, but do you think I can find the Bisquick??

Me:  Master of Disaster, if you were the Bisquick, where would you be?

MofD:  I don't know

Me:  hmmmm...where is the Bisquick??

MofD:  What's Bisquick?

Me: What we use to make the pancakes

MofD:  Maybe Daddy is playing a joke on us and hid it!

Me:  Probably

I end up texting my boss and he called to tell me where he thought it was.  It was in a box that hadn't been unpacked.  Crisis adverted!!

While we were making the pancakes:

Master of Disaster:  We got a new fridgerator, and a new stove and a new microwave.  But that's old.

Me:  What is?

MofD:  That thing over there. pointing

Me: What is that called?

MofD:  I don't know

Me:  Well what do we use it for?

MofD:  To cook your waffles.

Ok, so he was talking about the toaster oven and he was right, I bring waffles everyday for breakfast.


Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I am confused. Do you eat the wafflaes and make them pancakes?


Jess said...

I can see how that would be confusing. I usually make a huge triple batch of pancakes and we put them in the fridge and then just heat them up through out the week. But I don't like pancakes *that* much so I bring my breakfast and it's usually waffles