Monday, April 9, 2012

you don't work

The boys love my friend Danielle that comes when I go to school.  This week is Spring Break for the kids and they asked if Danielle was still going to come.  I told them that she was because I still have school even if they don't.  I let them know that I had a break when they were in FL, so I had no work AND no school.

Master of Disaster:  You don't have work.

Me:  I don't?

MofD:  Nope

Me:  You don't think I go to work?

MofD:  No, school is your work

Then I hear Whiny whisper  "Coming here is her work"

Both the boys and I were sick all weekend, so today we are watching Rango.  I will link to a review when we finish and I actually review it.   For your reading pleasure

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