Monday, April 2, 2012

UPDATED: meanwhile, back at the ranch

So the kids were at my place again this afternoon.  While it was not as funny as last time, they did have some interesting things to say.

Master if Disaster:  Last time you had pumpkin soap!  Where'd it go?

Me:  Well I used it all so I got new soap.

MofD:  I wanna take a nap

Me:  Well I didn't plan on taking naps today; my room is really messy

MofD:  Can you clean your room for me?

MofD:  Why don't you have a family room?

Whiny:  Well this is room is her family room and her living room

Me:  And it's only me here, I don't need a family room

And just so you know, their family room is just what they call their living room, it's not two separate rooms

Twenty minutes later

MofD:  Why don't you have play room?

The reason we went to my house was so my car could go in the garage for the afternoon.  We dropped it off, went out to lunch and then walked to my house. I've walked from the garage to my house before.  It's not super close, but it is definitely in walking distance.  Well I failed to think about how a 4 and 6 year old would be while walking that far.  The place we went to eat was literally a block away from the garage.

Whiny:  Man this sure is a far walk to lunch!

It ended up taking us 45-60 min to get to my house due to the speediness of Master and Whiny.  At one point, Master suggested I take BabyGirl out of the stroller and carry her so he could ride in the stroller.  Nice try kid!

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