Wednesday, August 29, 2012

what are you tryin' to say??

Because I'm lazy and my job requires very little as far as dress code goes, I often let me hair dry and bring my products with me.  So today I was getting ready to head to the clinic and I was doing my hair and make-up while the boys were eating lunch. I had just finished my hair and was putting away my stuff.

Master of Disaster:  What's that blue thing in your hand?


Me:  It's my hair stuff

MofD: What's it do?

Me:  It makes my hair look pretty

MofD:  You're gonna put some in your hair now?

Me:  I already did

MofD:  No you didn't!

Gee, thanks!  Of course Whiny jumped in with he thought my hair looked pretty before AND after. 

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