Tuesday, March 13, 2012

help me remember

Me:  Master, you going to tell all your friends about what you did last week?

Master of Disaster:  What did I do?

Me:  What?!  Where did you go last week?

Master of Disaster: I don't remember, tell me

Me:  Well, I went to NYC but where did you go?

MofD: ummmmmm Boston?

Me:  You didn't go to Boston, crazy!  Where'd you go?

Finally he remember that he went to Florida

Me: So you gonna tell them about it

MofD:  Nope, I want it to be a secret

Me:  ummm no, you should tell them if they ask about it

MofD:  What if they don't ask?

Me:  They will

MofD:  But what if they don't

Me:  I'm pretty sure they missed you and they will ask about Disney

MofD: What if they don't

Me:  Well if they don't ask then you don't have to tell them

MofD:  What if they have been to Florida and they know all about it

Me:  Like I said, if they don't ask about it you don't have to tell them.

So we talked about Disney the whole way to school so he could remember things to tell them, but when he got out of the car his teacher asked where he went  he looked at me and said:

MofD:  Help me remember

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Kate said...

SNORT. Don't you just love that?

Over and over. No matter what, they'll do that. Sigh.