Monday, July 30, 2012

Well then

So they're back!!  But the boys are at camp all week so they weren't around much today.  When I picked them from camp I was telling them about the Olympic events that I watched that day.  I was trying to explain white water kayaking.

Me:  The people are in a boat and they have to paddle around in really wavy water.  They have to go through gates.

Whiny Magee:  How do they do that?

Me:  Well they have a paddle and it helps them move the boat to where they want to go

WM:  hmmm

Me:  It's a boat big enough for just one person and their paddle has a paddle on each end

WM:  Oh.  Kinda like a kayak.

Me:  Well it is a kayak.  How do you even know what a kayak is????

WM:  I just do.  Mom and Dad showed me one once.

Then we were watching men's beach volleyball USA vs. Poland.  The boys were very into the game and didn't want "Polo" to win (which unfortunately they did)

WM:  Look, they have naked feet!!!

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Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Sometimes it amazes me how much ny nephews can pick up from just listening. Sounds like WM is a smart kid.