Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I love car conversations

Me:  What would you do if you saw a power line down in the yard

Whiny Magee:  Tell Dad

Me:  Would you touch it?

WM: No!

Me:  Master??

MofD:  no

Me: Why not, Master?

MofD: It would electricate us!!


MofD:  If Mommy and Daddy didn't have any kids they could go anywhere they wanted to.

Me: What?  Where would they want to go

MofD:  Anywhere they wanted

Me: But where would they want to go that you couldn't go?

MofD:  To any restaurant they wanted

Me:  Can they not go to any restaurant they want to now?

MofD:  No.  Only ones for kids and families.

Me:  Oh

Whiny Magee:  Yeah, one time Mommy went to dinner with a friend and we couldn't go.

MofD:  Where was Daddy?

WM:  Home with us.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I wouldn't want to get elicricated either.