Thursday, May 31, 2012

Important life lessons

The boys have been very into street signs for awhile.  So every time we pass a "new" one they usually ask what it's for.  It's usually Master who wants to know and his "descriptions" are usually difficult to decipher.

MofD:  What's that sign with the letters on it mean? as we are driving by

Now I am a lucky driver who gets reminded every time we pass a "no U-turn" sign that I shouldn't do U-turns. And we have to drive on a divided road to go to school so you can imagine how many no U-turns signs I see.


We have also have talked about people who play their music so loud that we can hear it from inside my car.  Every time, he will tell me that that person is playing their music too loud.  I'm waiting for the day that he tells that to the person whose music is that loud.  Then I get to get some dirty looks.  Yay me!

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