Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why can't a four year old keep a secret??

Ok, so after I wrote the title I realized that it sounded kinda perv-y.  Get your mind out of the gutters people!

For Mother's Day (actually any gift giving holiday), I always plan a craft that is mainly done by the kids to give to Mom Boss & Dad Boss.  As a preschool teacher this is easy because you can use the same project every year.  Not so much as a nanny.  So this year I bought an apron and had the kids put hand prints on it.  It came out really cute.  So of course, even though I said it was a surprise, the first thing Master says to Mom Boss when she got home was

MofD:  Hey Mom guess what......

Me:  Master! Go get your coat on

from the closet: Mom we....

Me:  Master, we're not suppose to talk about surprises remember?

MofD:  But Mom today we....

Mom Boss:  Master, don't tell me the secret.

Whiny:  There's not secret for you mom bless him

MofD:  Oh yes we do!!

Whiny:  Nope we don't

This went on for a bit until I explained to Master that it was a present and I talked to him about how exciting it is to open presents and that we should let Mom Boss be excited for her present.

Then I took it home and wrapped it.  I brought it back to work today so I wouldn't forget it (that's so me).  It was on the counter and Master said

MofD:  I know what that is!  It's the vest for mom.

Me:  Nope it's not a vest.

MofD:  What is it then?

Me:  None of your business. I'm super mature

After Master went to take a nap, I told Whiny to go hide it somewhere that Master and Mom Boss wouldn't see it.  So as he was walking upstairs he said

Whiny:  Too bad you didn't having wrapping paper the same color as those walls pointing to the dining room

Me:  Why's that?

Whiny:  Then I could just put this next to the wall and they wouldn't see it!!


Kate said...

Want to know a FABULOUS gift for Father's Day?
Trace the kiddos' hands and feet onto cardboard, and cut them out as templates. Then get fabric paint (the kind in the squeezy tube) or puff paint and OUTLINE THEM onto the BOTTOM of pairs of men's white socks. So they will literally be growing up in Dad's footprints. You can have the littles try to color them in or draw little designs inside the feet outlines. Did this with my kids for their grandpa and he wore all 6 pair out from loving them so much. He said whenever he put on or took off his shoes, he smiled. And always wore them to the doctor so he could show them off to the doc.

Jess said...

That *is* a fabulous idea!! Thanks!