Tuesday, July 5, 2011

pardon my non sequitur

Heads up: this is not something funny the boys said.

I'm not one for pubic displays of opinions and feelings via social networks. It's your birthday?... I'll stop by your wall.  You just got engaged/married/pregnant?...you may get a congrats from me.  Gay marriage is legal in my state?...oh I turned around and made it about me getting to wear more pretty dresses to more weddings. 

But I have to get it off my chest how sad and disgusted I am about the Casey Anthony verdict (and side bar: the verdict was the afternoon and wikipedia already updated the page...I'm disgusted by that too).  The boys* aren't even my kids and I would be a complete mess if one of them ever EVER went missing.  If it was on my watch, forgetaboutit.  Even if (and that's a HUGE if) she didn't do it...SHE DIDN'T REPORT HER CHILD MISSING FOR 30 DAYS PEOPLE!!!!!  How can 12 people not see that she deserves to be punished??  I don't get it and that makes me sad.

*and when I say boys I really do mean all the kids, it just that boys and I "do" stuff together and, for now, BabyGirl is just along for the ride

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