Tuesday, July 12, 2011

what happened?

There is a movie theater in town that shows $1 kid's movies on Tuesday and Wednesdays all summer.  They are all older ones, but it is still nice to get out of the house and do something.  So today we went to see How to Train Your Dragon.  The boys own it, so they have seen it many many many times before.  Which is good.  If any of you have watched a movie with a child who has never seen it before, you know they ask questions non-stop.  But, alas, A did ask questions throughout the entire movie, even though he knew all the answers. 

Anyhoo....at one point he says to me "ow!  kiss my finger."  So I kiss it only to realize that his finger is dripping with spit.

Me:  Eww!  Did you lick your finger?

A: no

Me:  Why is it all wet?  Don't put your fingers in your mouth.  What happened?

A:  My teeth bit my finger

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Michelle said...

EWWWW I hate spit. And thanks for your email! You will definitely be invited with a guest!