Tuesday, June 21, 2011

do you need_______? & just tell me

Yesterday we went on one of our wonderful adventures.  Usually this means we go to Target to wander around and pick up somethings that I probably need (and a whole bunch of things I probably don't).  So the only thing I needed yesterday was a surge protector, but we ended up getting that and some funny cards and some eye makeup remover and a book to help A write his letters.  Not too bad compared to some trips.  So as we were walking away from the "outdoor/summer fun" section, I remember that there was something else that I needed but I couldn't remember exactly what it was (that's so like me). 

Me:  I can't remember what else I needed

A:  Do you need a grill?

Me:  hmmmm...nope

A:  Do you need a picnic basket?

Me:  nope

A: Do you need a chair?

Me:  nope, don't think so

If you haven't figured it out A was walking along next to me looking at stuff in the aisles seeing if that's what I needed.  If you have ever gone shopping with me, you know I do the same exact thing just to be a smart ass.  But it was so cute that he was trying to help me remember. 

Today we went to the Museum of Play and had a blast.  They have a membership so we can go whenever and we usually only stay a few hours or so.  On the way back I accidentally I got into the left urn only lane when I wanted to turn right.  I have no idea why, I've gotten off at the exit before. I guess I wasn't thinking.

Me:  Oh crud (and yes I actually said crud)

J:  What happened?

Me:  I got in the wrong lane...I don't want to turn here

J: How are we going to get home?

Me:  Well I'll just go up here and turn around.  No biggie.

A:  Jess, why did you turn this way?

Me:  I don't know

A:  Tell me why you made a wrong turn

Me:  A, I don't know why I did

A:  Just tell me why you turned wrong!

Me:  A....I didn't mean to, it was an accident.

A:  How does your car turn?

Me:  I turn it with my wheel...

I think he finally gave up on the fact that he wasn't going to find out why I made a wrong turn

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