Wednesday, June 8, 2011

tastes like....

Every now and again I'll pretend to take a bite out of one of the kids.  Usually it's their arm and I always tell them they taste like chicken.  The boys have started doing it back, it's stinkin' cute.  And they all have these blankie things and they call them nah-nahs**.  I have no idea where nah-nah came from but that's what they are.  So long story short (hopefully but probably not) J use to suck and chew on his when they took away his pacifier.  They (my bosses) are hoping that BabyGirl will do the same thing so she will stop waking up in the middle of the night crying for her binkie. 

A's nah-nah


So anyhoo...BabyGirl was chewing on hers the other day and I asked her if it tasted like chicken.  A then said maybe it tastes "like rooster!" 

Me:  What's a rooster? (now I know what a rooster is in case you were wondering but I always ask the boys what things are when I suspect they have no clue and this once again goes back to my theory.)

A:  ummmm..........that thing we ate on Easter

Me:  laughing I think that was turkey...we don't usually eat roosters?

A:  What is a rooster?

Me: It's a boy chicken.

A:  Why don't we eat them?

Me: I don't know but we just don't

They all went to Boston last night so I have the rest of the week off (PAID--woohoo!!!!) so I won't have anything funny to write...check back next week

**  nah-nahs are awesome baby shower gifts.  They are small enough to be carried around and not be drug on the floor and they fit in a backpack nicely for day care or trips.  And they are washable!  They also have larger sized ones that actually look like a blanket but I LOVE the little ones.

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