Monday, June 6, 2011


So they are going to Boston this week.  I'm not sure if they are going tomorrow night or Wednesday morning...all I know is that I have Wed, Thur, Fri off this week.  So my boss asked if I could help the boys pick out clothes to pack.  I have been letting them pick out their own clothes hoping they will become more independent and learn how to match clothes.  It's been pretty funny so far.  Today, for example, J is wearing a red and yellow tie dye with blue, red and yellow plaid shorts.  He looks fantabulous. 

J was really into picking out his own clothes but A needs a lot of redirection and prompts.  I had the boys pick out one "nice" outfit.  A "nice" outfit for the boys consists of a button shirt with a collar and a tie.  They LOVE ties!!!  So I told A to find a shirt with buttons and a collar.  He then held up two shirts that were the same just different colors, looked at me and said, "Which one do you like best?"  I told him I liked the blue one.  He said, "then I'll just put this one back."  How cute, he wanted my opinion. 

When we started I was trying to explain to J what an outfit was.  I described my clothes: little white shirt (cardi), green shirt and jeans.  And told him that all your clothes were an outfit and that we needed to pick out 5 outfits for Boston.  When it was A's turn I told him to go pick out some jammies.  He asked what jammies were and I wanted to say are you kidding me are you a ra-tard!!??? but I did not.  I said,"A, what are jammies??"  He said, "white shirt, green shirt and jeans" At least me was listening to me..

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Awww this makes me want to hug them!!!!