Monday, August 1, 2011

as my mother would say Holy Craparoni!!

I am in for a world of hurt!! 

One of my current favorite naptime time wasters is Rants from Mommyland!  It's a hysterical blog about the joys of mommydom (as if you couldn't've figured that one out on your own).  I just read this post. . . and OMG.  I knew once BabyGirl became mobile life, as I know it, would be over.  Thankfully she has no desire to start crawling yet; so I'm safe. . .for now. 

*  spell check suggested "agglutinative" and "goaltenders" for couldn't've.  Now I'm going to look up agglutinative. 

*ag·glu·ti·na·tive adj.
Concerning or characteristic of agglutination (really?? that's the definition??)

1. the action of an agglutinant substance.
2. the process of union in wound healing.
3. the clumping together in suspension of antigen-bearing cells, microorganisms, or particles in the presence of specific antibodies

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