Tuesday, August 23, 2011

in case it gets cold

Today the boys were going to go to karate so I was getting them ready.  Besides their karate outfits - which is actually called a gi- they also have a t-shirt with the dojo name (Look at me throwing out all these proper karate names). I told the boys to go up and get their t-shirts and come down to get dressed.  Whiny Magee said he couldn't find his shirt and then I remembered that they were probably dirty from last week since I haven't done the boys' laundry this week yet. So Master of Disaster is upstairs "looking" for his shirt.  Oh boy, this could be interesting.  I go to check on him and fish through the hamper for his gi pants.  When I got to his room I found him very carefully looking through his shirts in the closet, gently sliding each shirt over once he realizes it's not his karate shirt.  I grab his pants and tell him to come on down stairs. 

Down he comes with two hangers.  One is a sleeveless t-shirt.  The other one is a sweater vest. 

MofD:  I want to wear this one in case it gets cold (holding up the sweater vest)

Me:   ummmm...let's just get your gi on

MofD:  And now can we put this one on?

Me:  In case you get cold??

MofD:  yeah...it's like a coat....feel it

Me:  you mine it's like a sweater

MofD:  Yeah.  Can I wear it?

Me:  Well is it cold out?

MofD:  no

Me:  I don't think you need it.  But we can bring it just in case it gets cold.

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Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Ahhh...rationalizing with a child. Good times!