Wednesday, September 7, 2011

how'd they get so smart

Me:  Master of Disaster, eat your lunch

MofD:  I don't like it.  It's yuck.  What is it?

Me: It's ravioli.  It's like spaghetti-os.

MofD:  Yuck, I don't like them

Me:  Yes you do.

MofD:  I don't like them.

Me:  Eat them.  You do to like them.

MofD:  Have you ever seen me eat them??

Me:  Damn it just eat your lunch!


Autumn Van Weir said...

I could never work in child care. How do you even reply to that? lol I'd be saying "shut up" waaaaay more often than the parents would approve of.

Michelle said...

Honestly - I don't blame the kid. I hate spaghettio's and raviolis. They smell like barf. However, its impossible to respond to that. I love it.