Friday, September 2, 2011

really??. . .Really?

Sometimes when Whiny Magee  talks, I don't really listen.  I nod and say "mm-hmm" and "oh yeah" and "wow" a lot.   He has been going on and on lately about some Burger King kid's meal prize that he has lost.  He has been "looking all over the house" for it and just can't seem to find it.  He has been talking about it for a few days and I have been tuning him out; that is until I hear "too bad it doesn't have a tracking device."  What???

Me:  huh

Whiny Magee:  That Burger King toy I've been looking for.  Too bad it doesn't have a tracking device in it.  That way I'd know where it was.

Now the best part about this story is what the toy actually is.  It was from last year, first of all.  So how or why he even remembers it I haven't a clue. First, I'd like to describe it and then I'll put up a pic.  The "toy," and I use this word loosely, is about 6 inches in diameter (which of course means it's a circle).  On side is red and one side is black. The red side is "etched" to look like a family crest and the black side I believe has some sort of tribal "etching."  If you pull on the opposite sides, it comes apart to reveal a "scroll."  Get ready for your mind to be blown!!!!

What were you thinking BK??
That's right, it was a Twilight prize.  The family crest was the Cullen crest and the tribal "etching" was Jacob's tattoo (I think).  This is was Whiny Magee has been pining over.  Seriously kid??  A) He doesn't even know who these people are and B)  it doesn't actually do anything.  What a crappy prize.  But I think it's really all my fault.  When we got the kid's meals, they came with different prizes.  Whiny Magee's was this and he was disappointed, so I talked it up.  Wait until you see what Master of Disaster got.  His prize is still kicking around because he had on yesterday.  Ya ready for another mind blowing??

Oh my God, it's Edward.  He's so dreamy

Master of Disaster got this ring.  That's right, it's a ring! Holy awesome ring Batman!  And that picture is holographic.  Is your mind successfully blown!?


Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Seriously? This is the kind of crap they put in kids meals these days? hat ever happened to play dough and webble wobbles and thing s kids actually knew about?


Autumn Van Weir said...

I think they should still be putting Disney and Muppet Babies toys in BK and McD's meals. Like when we were kids, right? You can't even play with those! freaks at BK...

Holly said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! You know what, I totally just realized that I don't have a follow button. LOL! I'll have to add that! :)