Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Every Tuesday I go to Balsam Bagels.  They have the best bagels and the best customer service.  I heart them.  It's on the corner of Balsam and Winton (near Blossom) so if you ever find yourself in that area, and you're hankering for a bagel you should stop in (they have other yummy stuff too).
The boys know about my bagel habit.  Sometimes I even get them a chocolate chip or french toast bagel.  The other day we drove past Balsam and I pointed it out to them, J asked if we could go there together some day. 

So anyhoo...today I got an egg, bacon, cheddar with Raspberry Jalapeno cream cheese on a salsa bagel (I only get one of two things there and they know I love me some salsa bagel!!).  As I was eating A asked me if it was a doughnut.

Me:  No, it's a bagel

A:  Where's the white stuff? (cream cheese)

Me:  It's a sandwich.  There's egg and cheese and bacon.....

A:  BACON!  I want some bacon!

Me: Well it's in my sandwich I don't have any bacon for you

A: I want to try your sandwich

I should tell you that A will want to try anything you are eating.  Most times he does like it, he has an amazing palate for a 3 year old.  But as long as someone else is eating, he wants it too.  There have been times when I have purposely eaten raw veggies in front of him so he will eat them. 

Me:  I don't know if you will like it....but alright

He tried it, seemed to like although he told me that it was a little hot so he "fooffed" on it.  Which normally means blowing on your food, but this time he blew a bunch of air out of his mouth and fanned his mouth.  I know I've done that when I eat food that's too hot and he has seen me do it.  Then he told me he needed to drink some water to make it go away. 

I just love that he heard "bacon" and knew he wanted some

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