Monday, April 25, 2011

boy music

This is an old funny story but it's one of my favorites.

A is really into "boy" stuff vs. "girl" stuff.  He only likes "boy" stuff and that includes "boy" music.  Which, apparently, means it's a male singer.  He will always ask if we are listening to "boy music" or "girl music".  And then when he hears a female singer he tells me he doesn't like "girl" music.  And it never fails that J will be a suck up and pipe in that he likes both boy and girl music. 

The boys are hyper-aware of technology that we didn't have as kids, so they will always ask to "see the song" on my iPod.  And I've tried to explain that not all songs we listen to are on my iPod and that sometimes even when it is, there might not be a picture.  They kinda grasp that idea. 

So we were listen to Adam Lambert (and yes I am aware that I am a pop music whore and love horrible music) and A asked  what kind of music it was. 

Me: This is boy music.

A:  No it's girl music!!!  I don't like girl music!

Me: A, it's boy music.  His name is Adam. That's a boy's name

A:  No it's not.

Me:  Here I'll show you the picture....(I should have realized my mistake right there)

Yes, A, it's a boy
Needless to say he did not believe me we were listening to "boy music"

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