Friday, April 15, 2011


Yesterday was J's birthday, so I stayed home with E and the rest of the family had a family outing.  They went to the Museum of Play, Red Robin and then they saw Tangled at the dollar theater.  Today I asked him about the movie. 

Me: so what happened in the movie?

J: the princess got lost

Me:  what else?

J:  the boy went to find her

Me:  and..?

J: she was locked in a castle

Me: oh wow!  a castle??!!

J:  and her mom was mean.  she was pretend....she was not her real mom

Me:  not her real mom?!

J:  yeah

Me:  what made the princess special?

J: she had really long hair

Me:  long hair!?  how mine??  (my hair is super short FYI)

J:  (giggles)  no

Me:  like mommy's??

J:  nope

Me: how long was it?

J:  it was so long it was ridiculous!!

now I have no idea if that was quote from the movie but it was pretty funny anyways

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