Thursday, April 7, 2011

"you did the law!"

So while we are in the car A always asks me about red lights and stop signs.   He gets it but doesn't quite understand that not everyone has a red light at the same time or that the people right across from us also have one.  So he is constantly asking me "why isn't that truck going?" or "why doesn't everyone stop at the red light?" Now I know he is only 3, but I have found that sometimes the best way to talk to him is like I talk to everyone else.  I'm trying to explain that, yes, everyone needs to stop at red lights because it's the law.  He replies that no not everyone does.  How do I explain traffic violations to a 3 year old??  So I tell him that if you don't stop, then the police will (and I realize now that I should have said can) come and yell at you.  He asks how do the police know.  So I go on to explain that sometimes there are cameras in the lights and the police can see you.  And I know this is probably way more than a 3 year should have to understand, but as I said before I talk to him like an adult.  He doesn't get it really, so he asks if it's like magic.  Yes, it's like magic A (sometimes it's just easier to go with it).  We have had this conversation more than once.  And last week on the way to Target I drove through a yellow light that must have turned red as we passed under it.  A got all excited and told me I didn't stop at the red light and that I "just did the law!" I didn't break the law, the police weren't coming after me...oh no, I did the law!

Everything I end up teaching these kids some how comes back to haunt me.

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