Friday, April 8, 2011

put your jammies in the hamper

When I got to work this morning A was naked from the waist down sitting on the potty with only a Scooby Doo pajama top on.  He has recently discovered the joy of being naked and is usually completely naked when I get to work and getting him dressed is always a great time (man I really wish there was a front for sarcasm here).  So anyhoo...after A gets off the potty his mom told him to go put his PJ bottoms in the hamper and throw away his pull-up.  He complained about how he "couldn't"  or that his "legs were too sore" (that seems to be his go to response if he doesn't want to do something-his legs seem to always be sore).  While they are having this conversation J and I go to listen to a CD he found.  And today I learned that apparently J's Lightning McQueen CD player plays "the best music ever"  Clearly today was going to be my lucky day!  At some point, for some reason (probably because he was being a booger)A had to go to time out.  When timeout was over he still hadn't put away his PJ bottoms away.  His mom told him he needed to stay in his room until they were away.  About 5 minutes later he comes over to me (still naked from the waist down) and I ask him if his jammies are away.   In a really, pitifully tearful voice he tells me "I can't find my Scooby shirt".  

me: Dude, look down (yes, I called him dude)

A: giggle and exit scene left

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