Tuesday, May 17, 2011

choosing my battles

Now that J is five, we (and by we I really mean me and not the parents) have been making him more independent and self-sufficient.  He does not enjoy the fact that I make him do things for himself.  And just so you know, I'm not asking him to cook his own lunch or drive himself to school.  I am asking him to pick out his own clothes and get himself dressed.  That is NOT too much to ask of a five year old. Usually when I get to work, A is in the process of getting dressed...either he is some degree of nakedness or he's dressed. J, on the other hand, is almost always in his PJs laying down on my bosses' bed watching TV. So today I asked him to get dressed

J:  I don't know where mt clothes are. I don't see them.  (sometimes one of my bosses will pick out his clothes for him and put them on the bed)

Me:  I bet they are in your closet

J:  I want someone to get them for me

Me:  Are you kidding me!!!  (jk)  No you go pick them out, you're a big boy now and you can get them yourself

J stalled for awhile and I had to ask him twice more, which he knows will eventually get him in trouble if I have to keep giving directions. 

Me:   It's not a school day and it's kinda chilly out so you can pick out whatever you want to wear.

A few minutes later he comes out in a pair of red "comfy" shorts with white stripes down the sides, a long sleeve orange shirt and a pair of Lightning McQueen socks that are forest green with red and checked flag stripes at the top and finished his look with a pair of black Velcros sneakers....

Me:  You look amazing....run and go show mommy!!

I'll post a picture soon so ya'll can see this glorious outfit for yourselves


Miss Celeste said...

found you via Michelle :] saw your comment and i was curious! but how stinkin cool you're a nanny! I was a nanny for 5 years....and loved every second of it. haha and i def know what you mean about some killer stories that come out of it!

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justjess said...

I just quickly skimmed through your blog and when I saw the glow stick/mason jar idea I fell in love!!! I'm excited to read the whole thing now!! thanks for reading mine :)