Wednesday, May 4, 2011

yummy lunch

Normally I take A & E out to run errands while J is in school.  It's much easier to get things done with only 2 children instead of 3.  J feels bad that he never gets to do "fun stuff" with us, so today I decide that we'll go after we pick him up. 

Me:  We're going to go to Target after we get J.  Now we only need a few things

A:  What do you need?

Me:  Well we need...blah blah not funny stuff...and then I need to get some candy because I'm going to the movies tonight

A:  Are you going to see Rio?

Me:  No...

A:  What are you going to see?

Me:  a movie for adults

A:  Mommy and Daddy saw Rio with us...

Me:  Yeah well I'm not going to see Rio this time

A:  I wish you could see Rio

Me:  Well anyways...I thought that maybe after we get what I need, we could find something yummy to have for lunch at Target

A:  CANDY??!!!

And in case you were wondering what they got...they both chose bologna Lunchables...yuck....I forgot how gross Lunchables are


Michelle said...

Umm lunchables are delicious. Especially the slimy turkey ones.

justjess said...

Yes roomie the slimy tureky ones are's only the bologna ones that are nasty

and PS....Bridesmaids is super funny...almost the Hangover funny