Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Nap time is an awesome thing.  I love that my bosses keep the boys up WAY to late and this makes them tired and need to nap during the day.  If they put J to bed at a "normal" time then he wouldn't need to take a 2-3 hour nap, but they don't so he does.  So most days he naps but when he doesn't he keeps coming out of his room and asking when nap will be over.  These two precious hours are all I have to keep me sane, so I always tell him it's nap time,go to your room and be quiet.  No where in that sentence do I say sleep.  I just want him upstairs and quiet so I can read and watch Netflix.  I'm not asking for too much am I???

So about 20 minutes ago I hear him calling my name and asking "how much longer."  And he gets my standard reply.  I just went upstairs to put his laundry away and tell him he could get up, but he is passed the F out!!!  Clearly I'm not a mean nanny who needs her quiet time, he really does need his sleep. 

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Kate said...

As my 2 kids got older, we just switched to calling it "quiet time." I still use it whenever I get the chance (weekends, days off, summer) because I firmly DO believe that an hour or so of non-electronic quiet time for thinking, daydreaming, napping, or just quiet play on one's own is vital.