Tuesday, May 10, 2011

kinda nice

I am in this horrible phase of growing my hair out and its awful! So I've been trying to style my hair differently so I can manage to actually grow it out this time and not just give up and cut it all off...again.  So today I scrunched it up and made it messy/"curly" (and ya'll know I don't actually have curly hair so the fact that my hair can so this amazes me).  So anyhoo....while in the car A says

A: Jessica why didn't you comb your hair today??

Me:  Do you mean why is it all crazy?

A:  Yeah, why didn't you comb it to make it flat?

Me:  I'm wearing it curly today...do I look nice?

A:  You look kinda nice

And then later we were talking about their play set and how when they "get big" they can still use it.  And then they asked me if I had a play set when I was a kid. 

Me:  I had one...but it was not a big one like yours (they have a HUGE play set) mine was little.  It had swings and a slide (which I think we broke off in less than a week) and it had a glider too...

J:   I didn't know that they even had gliders way back then

Now I know J wasn't trying to be a smart ass, but apparently he thinks I'm super old

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