Monday, May 2, 2011


When A woke up from nap today he talked to himself for about a half hour until he decided he was ready to get up.  Then he called me upstairs.  Usually he will repeatedly say my name loudly until I manage to stop whatever it is that I'm doing and make it upstairs.  Today he called only once.  So when I get up there he sits up and says, "Is it morning yet?"...too cute.  I tell him that's not morning but he can get up from nap now.  He tells me "good I need to poop"  So after he goes into the bathroom and does his thing, he tells me he went one poop.  Lately he has been so nice and describing them to me.  Sometimes they are humongous or long and pointy or little turds.  Yes, those are the words he actually uses to describe his poops.  Anyhoo....he tells me that he went one poop but he has more but "wants to save them for another time".

Umm no sir....finish pooping now please

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